Uterine Rupture: Bear’s Birth Story

I hardly know where to start. I guess the beginning would be best. As my second son’s due date approached, I was worried about a lot of things. Worried I would have to be induced. Worried I couldn’t handle the pain of childbirth. Worried I would have to schedule a c-section. Worried my first son…


Infertility and Postpartum Depression

If you’ve experienced any level of infertility on the road to welcoming your child, you’re part of an unfortunate but supportive club. People who struggle with getting pregnant or staying pregnant — we just GET IT. We know what to say and, most importantly, what not to say. You can dive into your current frustrations with…


Your Baby Made Me a Mama

I didn’t envision my motherhood journey starting out this way. Although, I suspect, you didn’t envision motherhood this way either. Despite our plans, of the nearly 19,000 children in foster care in our state, your baby came to me and in that instant our motherhood journeys collided. Your baby taught me about all those sleepless…


How to Get Pregnant in 100 Easy Steps

My road to motherhood has been rocky at best, downright soul crushing at worst, and always ridiculous. We welcomed our son after three years of trying and two miscarriages. Even though three pregnancies in as many years is considered “fertile,” I still felt the weight of infertility bearing down on me after so many negative pregnancy tests.…


To the Moms of High-Needs Babies, You Got This

When my pediatrician remarked that my four-month-old daughter was indeed a high-needs baby, I felt a huge sigh of relief. Well, first I ran to the Internet and read what exactly this meant and discovered that YES, she sure fit the bill to a tee. I felt better knowing my daughter didn’t act this way because of anything we did wrong as…


From the Sleep Expert: Tips for Traveling With a Baby

I recently took my energetic 16-month-old on an 8 hour road trip to stay in a cramped room for three days because I have a death wish. Or because it was Thanksgiving. My son is a champion sleeper thanks to a religious devotion to his sleep schedule, so I was terrified this trip was going…


Wanted: Friends To Help Me Survive Motherhood

When registering for new baby items, I wish you could scan what moms really need to survive full time motherhood: friends. Drinking buddies, to be more specific. I’m not a total loner, I have an amazing collection of woman friends whom I love dearly. The problem is, they all live in different states than I do.…


The Biggest Differences Between Baby #1 and Baby #4

I recently traveled across the country toting but one of my four children. Several people applauded how “brave” I was to travel with an infant. Others couldn’t help but note how “full” my hands were, while I sipped my iced coffee and enjoyed unfettered access to my mobile device without three sets of sticky hands…


To My Daughter When You Become a Mother

You’re many years away from holding a newborn in your arms, but I’m writing this to you now because I’m very sleep deprived and don’t want to forget. Dear daughter, when you have the privilege of becoming a mother: I promise to be in the delivery room if you want me there. I promise to…


How to Get Your Kids to Nap in 100 Easy Steps

Buy black-out shades Install black-out shades Have as many rooms/closets as you do children Have black out shades in each of the rooms/closets Do all the things Fake yawn Do more of the things Stage foot races in your front driveway/hallway/yard Encourage the children to continue the racing Have the children race more Show the…


The Struggle of Deciding If One Child Is Enough

I’m afraid when I tell people I am 99 percent certain my daughter will be an only child, they think it’s because I don’t like being a mom. Truth be told, life with just one child would be easier. But that’s not the reason. My daughter is happy and full of life. Watching her grow…

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