How to Get Pregnant in 100 Easy Steps

My road to motherhood has been rocky at best, downright soul crushing at worst, and always ridiculous. We welcomed our son after three years of trying and two miscarriages. Even though three pregnancies in as many years is considered “fertile,” I still felt the weight of infertility bearing down on me after so many negative pregnancy tests.…


Why I’m Glad Miscarriages Are Painful

As the annoying hippie that I am, I chose to forego any serious pain medicine during both miscarriages. I know. I’m an idiot. I was given a very small dose of valium before my D&C and they didn’t lead me into the creepy, nothing-good-happens-back-here room until I resembled my 20-year-old self at a frat party.…


7 Worst Movies to Watch After a Miscarriage

Marley & Me It’s bad enough the dog dies at the end (whoops, spoiler alert), but before that happens there’s a miscarriage scene. Jennifer Aniston isn’t known for her acting range (she boldly plays the role of Jennifer Aniston in every movie), but she nails it with the look on her face when the doctor…


Sometimes You Just Need to Break a Pregnancy Test

“How long have you been trying?” When you’re trying to have a baby (or when you’ve been married for more than a week), this question gets asked by every doctor, fertility questionnaire, nervous family member, and concerned friend. And my answer is a well-choreographed dance of “I’m always within the normal timeframe” and “I’m definitely…


Entering the Second Trimester After Multiple Miscarriages

So I’ve finally done it. I’ve made it out of the stressful and worrisome first trimester in which most miscarriages occur. Now it’s time to party and coast through the entire pregnancy carefree! No. I’m sorry, no. I am experiencing a huge sense of relief every time a doctor tells me my chances of miscarrying…

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